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Welcome to the home of UK record label AD Music. Established in 1989, our numerous artists from around the world produce original elecronic, chillout and spacey synth music.

Our online store provides top quality service selling CDs and as MP3s and Flac downloads at competitive prices.

Latest AD Music News

  • 25 year celebrations offer, 25% off ALL available pre 2014 titles!!
  • Coming in 2014: "Forever Changes" by Claudio Merlini
  • Coming in 2014: “Beyond the Airwaves” by David Wright
  • Coming in 2014: “Transfer of my Affections" by The Pels Syndicate
  • Coming in 2014: Asfafa (remaster) by Robert Fox
  • Plus new releases and reissues from Glenn Main, Bekki Williams, David Wright, Paul Sills and Steve Orchard.

New Music Releases

Code Indigo Take the Money and Run CD
The final Code Indigo CD is a stunning musical legacy of unreleased and reworked music that is “rhythmic, poetic and melodic”. It highlights the bands creativity and willingness to be different as well as concluding the ‘Chill' and ‘Meltdown’ social commentary. A beautiful production!
Code Indigo Take the Money and Run CD and DVDr
Creative and highly original, this is the perfect marriage between music and imagery showcasing the extraordinary graphics created for the 2013 e-day concert intertwined with live footage of the bands final concert performance.
A sketchbook of Summer CD by Paul Sills
Paul's new opus combines swirling synths, acoustic instruments and gentle percussion to great effect in his usual excellent and gently laid back style. It definitely evoke memories of summer on some tracks, although it’s often closer to his drifting space music style than the title suggests.

Late on Christmas Eve by Steve Orchard - music CD
A beautiful collection of traditional Christmas carols from Steve Orchard, produced in his own inimitable acoustic instrumental style. Guitar and keyboards work seamlessly with dreamy orchestral arrangements resulting is a relaxing and uplifting blend of melodic and joyous seasonal music. A heartfelt celebration of Christmas!
Time and Tide CD by Sylvain Carel
An extraordinary musical journey and an excellent ‘Soundtrack for the mind’ album that takes you to places real and imagined through a series of beautiful and haunting themes. The music is highly evocative and touches on various cultures from the American Plains Indians to the east while cleverly not being ‘world music, and retaining a coherent, cosmic otherworldliness.
Hydrosphere by Divine Matrix - electronic music CD
Another exquisite journey to the stars from Divine Matrix, whose gently rhythmic, melodic style of sequencing reminds one of 80’s Tangerine Dream, but done here with a more contemporary feel. Full of great themes, gentle strings and drifting, ethereal pads, if you liked his ‘Atmospheric Variations’, you’re gonna love this!
Highly recommended.
Still Waters CD by Robert Fox
Still Waters is a beautiful, drifting excursion into eastern mysticism that both captivates and entrances with its gentle calm assurance. Delicate strings and pads are the canvas for superbly played eastern solo instruments, piano, acoustic guitar and occasional vocal textures that sketch a series of emotive and heartfelt themes. The gorgeous music retains an ethereal, magical otherworldliness that is utterly compelling. A terrific release from Robert Fox.

dream by Acheloo - ambient electronic instrumental music CD
Another gorgeous space music voyage from Acheloo, whose music continues to amaze with its originality and emotional depth. Fans of the ambient, drifting style electronic space music will find much to enjoy here. Indeed, the wonderful combination of strings and pads, deep swirling atmospherics and electric guitar make for a potent mix that engulfs the senses. Hauntingly beautiful, with an incredible feel and an undertow that transports the listener to faraway places in time and space.

Code Indigo MELTdown Music CD
An epic, concept style musical journey, beautifully conceived and highly evocative. MELTdown delivers memorable themes, superb rhythmic excursions, dense atmospheric synth passages and extraordinary guitar, all weaved masterfully together in a contemporary tour de force. This is topical and typically moody Code Indigo featuring some of the most atmospheric and thought provoking chill out style electronica you’re likely to hear anywhere.
Beyond the Realm of Angels CD by Steve Orchard
Full of melodic imagery that is propelled along on the wings of some terrific percussion and keyboard work this sits somewhere between 'mood elevating new age music' and 'acoustic based electronic music'.

A wonderful blend of melodic, emotive and well structured electro/acoustic music with dark undertones and deep mystery.

Beyond the Realm of Angels CD by Steve Orchard
Gently vibrant, uplifting acoustic guitar and keyboard based instrumental music backed with beautiful orchestration and occasional rhythms.

It perfectly captures the mood and feel of Laurie Lee's lyrical account of his voyages in the book 'As I walked out one midsummer morning'. A heartfelt, melodic musical statement of some distinction.
Anthology by Richard Bone
The very best of American instrumental music composer Richard Bone celebrates his unique ambient electronic style.

Inventive rhythms that capture the essence of many contemporary music styles alongside beautiful, drifting space music. What links them all is the artists infectious melodies.

Images from a Parallel World by Richard Bone - ambient electronic instrumental music CD
Creative electronica of the highest quality, music without boundaries that shifts with consummate ease from the eclectic and uniquely "Richard Bone' rhythmic styled musical soundscapes to the ethereal, ambient and electronic for which he is so well known. A hugely entertaining voyage through uniquely varied musical worlds and his best album too date.
Connected by David Wright
The 24th David Wright solo album is an epic, roller coaster ride through musical styles that both CDs and Echoes Radio host John Diliberto has described as "David Wright's best album too date". Strong melodic themes and beautiful vocal textures underpinned by strong sequencing and rhythms. Awesome!

White Light CD by Paul Sills
Swirling synths, acoustic instruments and percussion make this a gently drifting and melodic space music style opus. Plenty of memorable melodies and themes that all expertly cross the new age and melodic electronic music divide. Moody and melancholy without ever being dark.

Meridian CD by Paul Sills
Paul bridges the new age and melodic electronic music divide with some style. Thematic and melodic, combining synths, vocal textures, sweeping fxs, acoustic instruments and percussion, all underpinned by big pads and strings. Full of depth and moody emotion with richness and warmth that makes it instantly appealing and memorable.

AD Music Sample Compilations

The "Best of albums" Volumes 1 - 6 provide an excellent introduction to the diverse musical talents the label has to offer, featuring music that is generally representative of the artists and of the music found on their individual albums.

Ocean of Light

Walking with Angels music CD

Walking with Angels

Walking with Angels music CD

Beyond Paradise

Beyond Paradise music CD

Night Music

Night music CD

A Little More Night Music

More Night music CD

Sacred Skies

Sacred of Skies - The best of AD Music volume 2 - instrumental electronic music CD

Trance AD

Instrumental Trance music CD - electronic melodic dance and chillout

After Midnight

After Midnight by Various Artists
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